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the rules of zexal world allow for many deck types, but the two most common are standard decks and deck fusion decks. standard decks always contain a number of normal monsters (nms) and pendulum monsters (pms). they are often used to complement the character's normal summon and special summon abilities. deck fusion decks, on the other hand, are primarily made of synchro monsters and can summon a monster in defense position (dp). they can also be used to destroy a monster in defense position to summon a monster from the graveyard. for example, the following two decks are both deck fusion decks, but they use different strategies to do so.

the story starts out with your protagonist waking up with amnesia, who discovers that they are a spirit being called an "altar spirit" and that they are in the spirit world. the spirit world is divided into the seven arcadia realms, which are separated by the seven minus staves. your goal is to help protect the spirit world and defeat zeman, who has stolen the power of the yugioh cards and used them to take over the spirit world. there are a variety of spirits and monsters to summon (some of whom can only be summoned once per game) and you can also use different cards to summon them. there's also a new ability called the "new cards" feature, which lets you summon cards from your deck. there are also a bunch of new items, including "incarnate"s which can be attached to cards to give them special powers, and the "rapid fusion" feature, which lets you fuse up to 7 different cards into one. 3d9ccd7d82

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