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The First Year

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Battlefield 2142

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In 2006 a climatic catastrophe triggered a new ice age on earth. A hundred years later, everyone gave up on finding a solution to the problem and two superpowers were formed: Europe and on the other side the Pan Asian Coalition - causing an arms race. Now it's 2142 and the war for the few resources left has already been going on for a few years, with no end in sight.

In the Titan Mode your goal is to bring down the enemy Titan, a giant ship flying high above the battlefield. At the beginning of the round, the ship is protected by a shield which the enemy team needs to take out. To do so, they can either fire everything they got on it or simply gain control over the missile silos scattered over the map. Once a missile silo has been acquired, it continuously fires missiles at the enemy Titan. Once the shield is down, the players have to destroy three stations inside the ship so that they can gain access to the central core and destroy it.

Hey everyone, just wanted to take a few minutes to talk about 2142 statistics and where we are with everything. We are aware that there are a handful of broken badges/ribbons/unlocks, especially those that are part of Northern Strike. Battlefield 2142 Patch 1.05 brought further improvements, such as Ground Defence kills that would now count towards Ground Base Defence ribbon. The stats system we use is an open source implementation.

Its generic setting is probably one of its weaknesses. Multiplayer games like Halo 2 - founded on a coherent single-player experience - have a sense of world. Here, it's just a mass of semi-science-fiction elements joined together. The idea that this is actually over a hundred years in the future never really comes across. On the one hand we have ultra-science like the Titans, floating fortresses that hover over the battlefields, which may as well be moonlighting in-between Star Trek shoots. On the other, a lot of very normal-looking projectile weapons. You can't quite put the two together, never mind the assortment of robot-walkers (ED-209's generally lovely big brother), little buggies and hover-tanks.

There's always a feeling with a multiplayer-centric game that you can only get a sense of how it's going to turn out after giving the community a couple of months to chew the game thoughtfully in its mouth. That feeling's especially strong with Battlefield 2142 due to a couple of its more controversial innovations. And it's these which are the true future settings.

The second change is the in-game advertising. We've seen this forever, of course, but there's something about it being in a fantastical setting rather than a real-world one which grates slightly. There's been a "Spy-Ware" furore around the game, which appears to be over-reacting (the idea that they'll be examining cookies has been denied by EA). That said, there are going to be lots of adverts across the level. At the time of writing, there are only placeholders where the adverts will be. If they're smart, they'll do some clever faux-futuristic adverts for whoever coughs up the money, and make it fit into the game's world. But "smart" and "advertising" don't often go together. It'll be worth paying attention when the real adverts start arriving, because it could provide a fatal blow to BF2142's already not-entirely-solid atmosphere.

It's easy to be downbeat with BF2142, which makes it worth reiterating that it's built around the core of one of the genuine great games. In fact, at its best, BF2142 is entirely on par with it, with some uniquely brilliant moments of its own: being propelled through the sky in a drop-pod, the warzone spread out before you like a bloody tapestry; stalking between buildings in the turret of a walker, scanning for targets; or even, on foot, following one of these mechanical beasts, and - for a moment - actually feeling like you're in some strange war in the future. But, when you come down from a battle, you find yourself with more questions and nagging doubt than lasting elation.

Battlefield 2142 is primarily a multiplayer shooter that allows the player to battle on foot and in vehicles with up to 63 other gamers in two gameplay types: Titan and Conquest. The conquest mode is very similar to previous Battlefield games with players attempting to attack and defend various control nodes set on large scale maps. Titan mode, the new addition, asks you complete a series of objectives in order to down the other team's floating fortress ship.

With 2142, developer DICE focused more heavily on the leveling and power-up system (where users exchange game experience for new weapons) then they had in the game's predecessor, Battlefield 2, which introduced the leveling concepts. Essentially, players choose one of the four classes: Recon, Assault, Engineer or Support, and gain experience in each class the more they play and destroy the opposing team. Experience can then be exchanged for special abilities for that class only. While giving people a reason to play the game for extended periods, the leveling system continued to annoy new players who were instantly at a disadvantage when loading up the game for the first time.

There are 16 official maps in the game, including 3 that came with the Northern Strike Booster Pack and, and 2 that arrived for free in recent updates. All maps are spread across two theaters: Europe and Africa. The only exception is Wake Island 2142, a community developed map that takes place in the Pacific Theater that was included in an official update from DICE and is an update to a map that that was found in both Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2.

BF2142 returns with Conquest: Assault, but also an all-new game type called Titan mode. Titans are floating fortresses in the sky, and each team's objective is to take out the opposing team's Titan. The battlefield is surrounded by multiple missile silos, and the most effective way to break down the enemy Titan's shields is by taking and holding these silos. This keeps their payloads targeted at the enemy's Titan, instead of yours.

Boarding the Titan happens via airship drop off or launching up in a "pod" from a nearby APC - one of the signature moments in 2142. Mounting this complex attack occurs while your team is frantically trying to defend against an identical attempt by the opposite side.

"The year is 2142, and the dawn of a new ice age has thrown the world into a panic. The soil not covered in ice can only feed a fraction of the Earth's population. The math is simple and brutal: some will live, most will die."

Battlefield 2142 is a unique entry in the Battlefield First-Person Shooter series, being set in a science fiction setting instead of a historical or contemporary setting. The game was released in 2006.

Battlefield 2142 provides examples of: Abnormal Ammo: There's a shotgun that shoots C4! The Aesthetics of Technology: Very minor for balance reasons, but still slightly present. European Union designs are boxy and bulky, but hit harder than their PAC counterparts. Pan-Asian Coalition systems are rounded and emphasize speed and accuracy at the expense of stopping power. After the End: The game is set in a world that is devastated by a new ice age. Airborne Aircraft Carrier: The Titans. In the hands of a competent team, its ground attack guns could be devastating. However, due to performance issues, most servers would disable Titan movement. Air-Vent Passageway: The Titans have two vents on two that allow an alternative entrance inside, however, unless the other team is full of idiots, these vents are usually boobytrapped and/or being camped. All There in the Manual: The summary of each multiplayer maps are usually a snippet of lore describing what went down in the war of new ice age, with brief detail of both sides' military action. Awesome, but Impractical: The Zeller-H, the sniper rifle unlock, when fired at the body, docked off 90% of a player health who had heavy body armor on (or a one hit kill if they had light armor if shot at the upper torso), opposed to 70% for the default rifles. The rifle is Anti-Material as well; capable of destroying enemy explosives and equipment. However, the rifle only had three shots, took longer to reload than the default rifles, had a red hue on the scope which make it hard to see on weaker computers, and had a loud report. Both the default rifles and the unlock rifle dealt an insta-kill at the head, but the default rifles had two more rounds, and reloaded faster, not to mention 70% damage, even when compared to 90% damage, is still pretty good, especially against enemies already wounded. If a player was decent enough to score head shots, the extra power wasn't necessary. The hovering attack drone was far less effective than its stationary cousin, the sentry gun. Unlike the sentry gun, which would kill anyone that would wander in its kill zone, the attack drone would only nail enemies that were spotted, or had a red indicator diamond on them. While it could be quite effective with a good squad, players in your typical squad in a typical game were just in it for an extra spawn point and a possible field upgrade. Although the clever support user could plop an IDS onto the thing to give the squad the equivalent of a perpetual mobile UAV, turning the equally impractical (to non-campers) infantry sonar into a Game-Breaker. Boring Yet Practical: While the unlockable assault rifles are quite nice, the default assault rifles for both sides are still perfectly viable weapons, and downright dangerous in the right hands. The default sniper rifles vs the unlockable one as well. You had two more shots, and a faster reload time than the unlockable. The extra 20% damage wasn't worth it if you could land headshots frequently (and useless against heavy armor users since a shot to the body wouldn't kill them from full health either). Taking down the Titan through the missile silos instead of boarding and destroying it from the inside, while not as exciting, can usually be more effective, as most players would flock to an unshielded Titan, leaving the silos unguarded for capture. Not to mention that the firefights on the Titans usually dissolved into a cluster flop of grenade, APM and rocket spam, which could reduce the battles to stalemates pretty quickly. Bulletproof Vest: Players can wear one with the heavy armor choice to take 20% less damage from hits to their chest. Chicken Walker: All of the battlewalkers. Crapsack World: The first game trailer, promotional, manual, and map descriptions describe that the ice age in 2142 is dwindling resources, thus pushing billions of people to the last remaining fertile land around the equator. One promotional states "Few will live, most will die." Cyberpunk: 2142. Darker and Edgier: The storyline, when compared to other Battlefield games. While 1942, Vietnam, and 2 were just World War II, Vietnam War, and Modern Combat shooters respectively with little plot (aside from history with regards to 1942 and Vietnam.) 2142 tells a tale of an apocalyptic ice age forcing the two major factions into a battle for survival. Difficult, but Awesome: The Baur in 2142 and by lesser extent, the SCAR 11. Unlike the infamous Voss rifle, the Baur rifle's heavy recoil makes automatic fire quickly off-target, but the high damage of the weapon still makes it a threat with careful aim in close-quarters and be a fearsome Marksman Gun on semi-automatic. Drop Pod: You can use these as spawn points. Fight to Survive: The EU and PAC are fighting to survive in the aftermath of the Ice Age that has devastated Earth. Gaia's Vengeance: The Northern Hemisphere was left uninhabitable because of a new ice age, which was caused by human-caused global climate change. Glacial Apocalypse: The game takes place in a future where a new Ice Age has taken almost all of the fertile land not placed on the Equator, and rival armies fight for what remains. Glass Cannon: The gunships are the most heavily armed vehicles in the game, with the pilot-operated rocket pods and gunner-operated cannon and guided TV missiles. At the same time, they are the most brittle of all armored vehicles, with their armor only granting protection against infantry-grade bullets and nothing else. Additionally, the game contains a substantial amount of anti-aircraft weaponry, most of them being able to kill a gunship extremely quickly. Like other armored vehicles, the gunships do have the Active Defense shield, but it does NOT protect against AA missiles. Kinetic Weapons Are Just Better: None of the small arms in Battlefield 2142 are Energy Weapons. The developers stated in interviews that guns firing bullets felt more real to them than "pew pew you're dead." Mini-Mecha: The Battlewalkers. They don't really count as Humongous Mechas, considering that they are twice the size of any of the series' tanks. Our Weapons Will Be Boxy in the Future: The EU's designs tend towards this aesthetic, up to their tanks and walkers. Revolvers Are Just Better: The EU's main sidearm is a revolver. Spreading Disaster Map Graphic: A teaser trailer had this in the background, detailing Europe and how bad the ice had spread. Unorthodox Reload: A number of the guns use this trope. The Malkov RK-11 is loaded like a P90. Except its magazine is inserted into a slot at the back. The Lambert Carbine has its magazine inserted into or ejected from, a slot on its left side. The Baur H-AR uses what appears to be a stripper clip that is inserted into a top-loading magazine that opens up during reloads. Where the previous magazine is ejected from is anybody's guess. The Voss L-AR is reloaded by inserting its magazine on the left side à la P90 Even the sniper rifles have unusual reloads. The Park 52 uses top-loading magazines that are inserted into a space at the back, and the Morreti SR4 is cocked forward-back. Walking Tank: The EU's L5 Riesig provides the page image for this trope. What Happened to the Mouse: There is no canonical outcome to the Cold War of the 22nd Century. It is generally assumed, however, that the European Union took the win, given that, at the last known point in the war they were very much on top, and, if one takes the parallels with World War II to their logical conclusion, the EU are the Allies (attacked by surprise, pushed out of Europe, then reclaim with great vengeance). However, no definitive ending has ever been given. Fridge Horror kicks in when you realize that the reason for the war was the inability of the PAC to feed its citizens without Europe's food supplies, which the EU needed to feed their citizens. So presumably the war ends with EU victory... and mass famine in the PAC. 59ce067264

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