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for each mode of forex tester, we collected two types of data. first, we had direct observations by the researchers during the field study and second, we had information from the focus group discussions. the two methods had different purposes. the second type of data (from the focus group discussions) is very important because it allows to identify the ways of using forex tester that are commonly used and how they differ from other approaches. it is important to underline that the purpose of the focus group discussions was not only to collect the data but also to verify and explain the data that was collected from observations. the data collection continued until the point of saturation was reached where no new information was being generated from subsequent focus groups and data collection rounds, although new ideas or questions were being raised by the members of the focus groups, new rounds of data collection were still conducted to allow for a more complete understanding of all the data

the data collected from observations were in the form of field notes, video recordings and audio recordings of the focus group discussions. the field notes recorded the observations made by the researchers during the data collection and the video recordings were used to gather information on use of the app, whether it was being used for financial trading or not and how the participants used it. the audio recordings from the focus groups were used for data analysis. the focus groups were structured in such a way that the participants were discussing use of the app to solve everyday problems. in every round of data collection, the same group of participants was invited to the focus group. the participants were recruited at the sites where the research was conducted. the numbers in the final sample ranged from 20 to 39 participants. the participants were introduced to each other in the focus groups and the first question was: what do you like/dislike about forex tester and then they were asked to discuss their answers. to ensure the independence of participants, they were not given information about the research, nor were they told that they had to share their experiences, therefore, the freedom of the participants to express their opinions was essential. all interviews were conducted in polish by the first author (dc). the study was approved by the ethical committee of the department of psychiatry, jagiellonian university medical college in cracow, poland (kb/75/2011). 3d9ccd7d82

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