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Usb Dongle Duplicator Software

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Usb Dongle Duplicator Software

working with our industrial automation customers throughout the san francisco bay area, at times we see customers struggling with managing their software licenses between users. most rockwell automation software licenses are single seat, which means they can only be used by one person at a time.

our unikey dongle software is available as a remote licensing server. it is a server application that runs on a pc and communicates with a unikey dongle. it supports: remote activation active and inactive dongle management license sharing

the unikey dongle is a hardware usb key that can be used to protect and manage copy-protected software. the software runs on a pc and communicates with the dongle. it supports: activation inactive dongle management license sharing

the unikey dongle software is a client application that can be used to activate a copy-protected software. you can activate the software from any seat. the software communicates with the dongle and the server. the software supports: remote activation activation and inactivation of the dongle license sharing

our unikey dongle software protects the software from unauthorized copying. the software can be used in multiple seats (that is, can be used on multiple computers). the license is tied to the dongle, not to the seat. if the license server is rebooted, the license is also rebooted. you can share your license with your colleagues. and when you are ready to end the license, you can just delete the dongle from the seat. 3d9ccd7d82

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