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Tsubasa Chronicle Season 2 Torrent Download WORK


Tsubasa Chronicle Season 2 Torrent Download WORK

looking for a song[23 Dec 200707:18pm]hii_chanCould anyone please upload the song for me that is played in the 1st season during the scene where Fai fights against Primera (in the 1st world they travel to)It appears in the series quite often, but I don't know what it's called ^^"Anyways, if anyone could help me out, that'd be great!! 4 commentsReply [FST] [Hope: A Kurogane x Tomoyo Fan Soundtrack][20 Dec 200711:18am]mysticdawn5HOPEA Kurogane x Tomoyo Fan Soundtrack( Her alone I will always want to serve, only her I will defy... )Cross-posted at kuro_tomo, tsubasarc, tsubasafans, and tsubasa_media. Reply Just sharing some of my artworks...[06 Dec 200704:11pm]kumikoluvshin[mood creative]I made two new TRC artworks. Bloody Syaoran TRC SakuSyao: Love Me Again

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