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Tokyo Revengers Episode 13

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Episode 13 of Tokyo Revengers Season 2 will be released on Saturday, April 1st at 10:08 AM PT. While fans in Japan can enjoy the upcoming episode on TV Tokyo, TV Aichi, and MBS, Disney Plus and Hulu will stream it for international fans. The release time for the episode is as follows:

Season 2 of Tokyo Revengers started airing on January 8th, giving an incredible kick to the new year. And now, after almost three months, it's time to bid farewell to the series, as the finale episode of Tokyo Revengers will air this weekend. Fans are eagerly anticipating the season finale, but their eyes are also peeled for news of the show's next season. But it's just a matter of time before the new season is announced, given the show's popularity and the love it has gathered over the years.

The previous episode saw Naoto revealing how Mikey had murdered the members of Toman. Following that, the two went to Manila to confront Mikey. When Takemichi met him, Mikey asked him to end his menace. As things got heated, Naoto shot Mikey to protect Takemichi.

Tokyo Revengers season 2 episode 13 will most likely see Takemichi return to the past. After witnessing the terrible future in which Mikey kills the Toman members, Takemichi promised Mikey that he would travel back to the past and change Toman's fate.

Thus, fans can expect Takemichi to go back to the past and meet Chifuyu. The two first-division heads could come together with a plan to change the future. Also, given that Tokyo Revengers season 2 episode 13 is the season finale, it could end with the anime revealing a new threat for Toman.

Tokyo Revengers season 2 episode 12, titled Last order, saw Takemichi heading back to his rundown apartment in the present after he realized that both Mitsuya and Hinata had passed away in this time loop as well. After reaching his home, Naoto came to meet him, after his memories got overwritten.

The previous episode saw Takemichi and Naoto head to Manila, Phillippines, after Mikey, the prime suspect in the Toman members' murder, asked Takemichi to meet him. There, Naoto ended up killing Mikey as he posed threat to Takemichi's life.

In the upcoming episode, Takemichi is set to time leap to 2006. However, having no idea how to save everyone, Takemichi decided to train and get stronger. For that, he kept punching a tire hanging in the park. Chifuyu is set to meet Takemichi and will most likely be surprised to learn that Takemichi has returned from the future.

Tokyo Revengers: Season 2 is set to have 13 episodes, according to a leak. An episode is expected to come out every Sunday or Monday, depending on your timezone. The release dates below are for Europe and America.

After consistently reintroducing new characters into the cast over the last few episodes, Urusei Yatsura has amassed a large ensemble of quirky and kooky characters, all of which serve to compound the natural chaos that serves as this series' bread and butter. This new episode shows just how crazy life in Tomobiki can get with two stories that start off bizarre and only get crazier from there.

The first part showcases a day at Tomobiki High School, while the second part is a story featuring new character Ten. Both stories start off slow, but quickly become wild thanks to the absurd personalities of the cast and their hilarious interactions with each other. The result is a classic Urusei Yatsura episode filled with gut-bursting laughter.

This episode of Urusei Yatsura sums up the series very well; a collection of quirky, callous characters that get into absurd situations that only get worse the more they get involved. The result was two incredibly hilarious stories that won't fail to leave viewers laughing and prove how well the series can handle these characters in terms of their personalities and their interactions with each other.

Also, Tokyo Revengers got the coveted 2020 Kodansha Manga Award for the Shonen category. The Tokyo Revengers anime has released over 13 episodes as of now. On the 4th

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