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15 Min Non-Stop Jokes From Gordons Comedy


Ideally, the first episode of a new comedy is both laugh out loud funny and possessor of a clear comic point of view. But if I had to choose one or the other as a marker of what will be a better comedy in the long run, I'd go with the point of view. If a sitcom has something to say and a distinct way of saying it, then that's a sturdier foundation for humor than a half-hour that's not really about anything but has a bunch of good jokes crammed into it.

A debt-ridden meteorologist cooks up a scheme to rig a state lottery drawing in cahoots with the oversexed TV personality who pulls the numbers out of the lottery machine. A few mildly amusing gags don't outweigh the trite situations and mean-spirited attitude of this comedy, which relies too often on condescending jokes aimed at unattractive characters.

Named after an old joke, which seems at first blush to be a pair of unrelated jokes. At the end of the first joke, a brick is tossed away, leaving the confused listener without a punchline. At the end of the second joke, the brick returns and the listener falls on the floor laughing. For bonus points, the teller can tell an actual unrelated joke in between. Sometimes, the Brick Joke structure of introducing a seemingly irrelevant feature, only to return to it much later, after the audience has largely forgotten about it, can be used for drama as well as comedy; when that feature was a joke, it's known as Chekhov's Gag.

Podcasts Dice Funk: Jess jokes in Episode 1 that Jayne will yell "Flaafy!" if she ever casts the spell Thunderwave. Guess what happens many, many episodes later The Hidden Almanac: The episode for October 23rd, 2013, begins with an account of an 18th-century law that banned goats and goat cheese and resulted in the establishment of several "cheese-easies". The episode ends with a fake sponsor message from "Heywood's, the oldest cheese-easy still in existence". Rooster Teeth: Burnie tells a joke in podcast 395 post show about three guys who were trying to see who could throw bricks the highest, so they use how far the brick sinks in mud to test. First guy lands a brick one foot in the mud. The second guy three feet. The third guy throws up the brick and it doesn't come down. Burnie moves on to the next joke (to Barb and Gavin's confusion; Gus thinks it's just an anti-joke) where a woman wants to bring a parrot with her on a plane but can only take the no smoking, no parrot airline. So she hides the parrot under he coat and pretends she's pregnant. While on the plane, the pilot comes down the aisle smoking a cigar and talks to the lady. When he sees the parrot, he gets angry and throws it out the window, saying "no parrots on the plane!" The woman takes his cigar and throws it out the plane, saying "no cigars on the plane!" So the pilot goes back to the cockpit, and while he's there, he hears a knocking and looks out to see on the window ledge is the parrot, who is holding in its mouth... "Is it the cigar" Barb asks. Burnie replies bluntly, "No, the brick." He promptly walks off as Gavin and Gus lose it and Barb judges him. You can watch the whole scene or an abridged animated version. In the Cool Kids Table game Bloody Mooney, Jake tries to get Alan to let his character Jess have a passive music bonus because it can calm her down, suggesting Scandal's "The Warrior" as a song that'll get her pumped up in a fight. Alan denies it. In the second episode, Jake pulls out an email from the creators that justifies his initial attempt, and immediately has Jess start playing "The Warrior". 59ce067264

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