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The First Year

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so thats how i got the game started as well as what i was going for. it would probably be a good idea to develop the game a little and do the separate building style if you really want to because i dont think that would be as hard as it sounds. so far, my foundations are all poured and have achieved a sturdy base to build on. and the game is quite sturdy now itself. it now has a good flow in terms of what you do and how that leads you to the next stage. so for a few people doing this idea and others in the coding community, this is an achievement. this is the first thing that ive coded in quite some time and i must say im proud of myself for getting it off the ground. ive been programming since i was a kid and im amazed that i can actually produce something that is playable. the game isnt perfect by any means, there are some bugs in the code that i hope to get ironed out as soon as possible. but for someone who is new to game programming, this is a great start. if this helps someone who wants to get into game making, then ive done my job. and if i can give someone a better way to earn money with a game, then its even more satisfying.

this is a full legit version of wesnar which only contains unlocked features. the game unlocks features as soon as you start the game. you dont need to pay anything even for playing the game. the game is completely free. it unlocks different levels to be able to complete every stage. the ultimate goal is to reach 10 stars for every stage. this is something that you have to master in the game. there are a lot of interesting stories and quests that you can complete with each stage. you have a time limit for every quest, and they reset every stage. this will force you to be strategic while playing. you have the ability to visit the different locations that you can unlock through the quest. when you see a quest, you have to unlock the location first before you can start completing the quest. this will give you the feeling that youre getting stronger as you progress. you also have the weapons which you collect as you progress through the game. there are also a lot of different types of enemies. you have to be careful when fighting them, as they have a super strength. you have the ability to evade enemies if you stand still for too long. this is the only way to avoid being killed. you have to be careful when fighting super strong enemies. if you are strong and really want to have a lot of fun playing this game, you can collect all of the weapons and armor by completing different quests. this is the only way to get more powerful weapons or armor. your stats are not the only thing that affects your performance in wesnar. your health also affects your ability to keep on fighting. you have the ability to evolve in every stage. 3d9ccd7d82

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