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Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Xi 2528 Bios Reset


HelloI am new to the world of laptop repair. I have a Fujitsu Lifebook E1130 laptop. When I try to access the BIOS it won't allow me in. I have changed the CMOS to the factory default and still get the same error message. What can I do to access the BIOS

As we already mentioned, some motherboards feature a backdoor password that can be used to access the BIOS settings in the event you have lost your password. At present, we are not aware of any websites where these passwords can be retrieved, so they may be of limited help.

You can go through BIOS jumpers or dipswitches manually by using trial and error. You should be looking for the one closest to the motherboard CMOS battery. You should never use any dipswitch or jumper that refers to the CLEAR - CLEAR CMOS - CLR - CLRPWD - PASSWD - PASSWORD - PWD, as this clears the CMOS and is a bad idea.

Once your CMOS has been cleared, you should be able to see a basic screen with 8 rows and 16 columns of information. Unless you are famiiliar with the BIOS, it is hard to know how to access anything in the BIOS. You will be forced to look up the specific motherboard information yourself, and this can be a little difficult. In order to access the BIOS screen, you will need to press the F2 or Delete keys at the same time as the on button. This will cause the BIOS screen to appear. You should not be pressing the on button unless you really need to. If it turns out your board has no BIOS password, you can delete the CMOS battery and leave it out for 24 hours. When the battery is reconnected, it should beep and access the BIOS screen. You will then need to locate the reset jumper or dipswitch. Each manufacturer's documentation will indicate the type of jumper or dipswitch, and where it should be located on the motherboard. Don't remove the jumper from the motherboard until you are sure you know what you are doing. It is very possible to destroy your motherboard if you are not careful! 3d9ccd7d82

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