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Put Your Hand Medley


To avoid disqualification, practice legal swimming technique during every workout and make sure you understand the rules for your races. Building proper muscle memory will reduce the chance that you slip up and get disqualified during those races you train so hard for!

In backstroke, the flip turn must be one, continuous turn. You are allowed to turn onto your stomach and take one freestyle arm stroke before flipping. Take more than one stroke, and you are disqualified!

Technically, you can swim any stroke in a freestyle event. If you choose to swim a different stroke, the rules of that stroke apply. Note that if you choose to swim breaststroke in the 50 freestyle, your time will still be counted for the 50 free.

Your actions outside of the pool may get you disqualified! If you are late to your heat, interfering with another swimmer or using foul language toward other swimmers, you risk disqualification. Be a good sport and respect your fellow swimmers, and you should be fine.

JF: As your body floats down Third StreetWith the burn-smell factory closing upYes it's sad to say you will romanticizeAll the things you've known beforeIt was not not not so greatIt was not not not so greatAnd as you take a bath in that beaten pathThere's a pounding at the doorChorus.Put your hand inside the puppet headPut your hand inside the puppet headPut your hand insidePut your hand insidePut your hand inside the puppet headOut.

JL: When you're followin' an angelDoes it mean you have to throw your body off a buildingSomewhere they're meeting barely intelligible on a pinheadCalling you an angel, calling you the nicest things...

JF: That was "Youth Culture Killed My Dog" by They Might Be Giants. Here's "Absolutely Bill's Mood". You remember how this one goes, JohnJL: Vaguely. We haven't played this one in a long time.JF: Wow, we're only... 14 songs into it.JL: I think we're gonna have to do a medley of our first album is what it's gonna be.

At, our mission is to point you to music that connects the human heart with Jesus in all seasons of life. We are committed to connecting you with your favorite Christian and Gospel artists like never before with unparalleled coverage of new music, an expansive video gallery, and exclusive interviews, album reviews and special event coverage.

Buying from us means that all arrangements are designed by artists who know the floral trade. We hand-deliver every single arrangement so your recipient is sure to love their gift! No wilted, sad, flowers in a box here! Your design will be exquisitely arranged and sure to be loved!

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Wiggly Safari ChronologyPreviousNext"Butterflies Flit"N/A"The Wiggle Owl Medley" is a Wiggly medley song from the Wiggly Safari album. A brief clip of it being performed at the Wiggly Party tour can been seen in the documentary The Wiggles Take on the World. There's also a version without Do The Owl at the end that was performed in several concerts from 2001 to 2005.

Place a single breast on a cutting board. Place your hand, palm down on the breast to steady it. With the other hand, take a sharp fillet knife and slide the blade in at the thickest point. Then slice the breast in half horizontally into two even pieces.

Medley's hand-tied, arch suspension system expands on traditional sinuous spring systems by using higher quality heavy gauge springs as a foundation. We then nod to traditional 8-way, hand-tied coil spring systems by using twine to hand-tie our springs together in a unique pattern, creating a suspension system that offers optimal support. Medley uses this proprietary technique on all our frames to provide a truly supportive, comfortable structure that prevents sagging and squeaking.

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