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Logicly Serial Key Macl

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Microsoft Excel stores dates as sequential serial numbers so they can be used in calculations. By default, January 1, 1900 is serial number 1, and January 1, 2008 is serial number 39448 because it is 39,448 days after January 1, 1900.

Pattern of MLB (Main Logic Board) serial Alert: If you are seeking for some quick single click iMessage fix, this is not about that at all.. This research digs a much deeper, it's about an aspect of building computer, which is able to run properly OS X. This post is purely educational. Understanding of this subject also requires knowledge of some basics of ICT. This topic isn't for sure for Windows dumb user, who wants some sort of OS X single click installations. For single click solutions buy a genuine Mac. Since Apple has made several changes on services, hardware identification becomes more and more important. For proper activation is needed a valid stable device. Device serial numbers, various hardware id's etc are part of identification and authentication. Just for clarity. Abbreviation MLB is shortened form of phrase Main Logic Board, which is a hardware part (motherboard). Abbreviation MLB is used by custom comp builders community also as Serial ID of Main Logic Board, which is an identification code of single unique hardware part. In this post MLB can refer to both, serial id of main logic board or main logic board itself. So, pay attention to the context when your read this post. MLB as hardware part id (barcode), is used by various services on OS X based comp, especially on Yosemite. So, you don't need only a good serial number in your SMBIOS settings, but also a good MLB, which matches logically (not by letter) your serial number. It's obvious at this point, that proper serial number isn't enough anymore. You need a good combination of serial number, MLB, etc. Those values should remain persistent. If someone told you, that MLB and serial number aren't related, you couldn't relay on this information, as MLB and serial number are logically related with each another. Probably I don't have to remind you - system serial number reveals your system model. Probably you haven't heard that MLB reveals exact model of your system Main Logic Board (hardware part) too. The Genesis of Apple computer ID's You can think about Serial Number as an "external id" and MLB as an "internal id". Computers are built from inside out. For first main board, then other parts and finally gets boxed. Serial Number reveals entire product box (comp, device) sold to the customer, MLB reveals the main hardware part inside of this product. Serial Number and MLB are like two puzzle pieces from same unique puzzle. MLB tells even more about your hardware than a serial number. Mac device gets first the MLB id and later the Serial Number. So MLB is the primary identification for Mac hardware before it's assembled completely for selling!!!! Also Apple repair services have who forgot sometimes to burn Serial Number back to the new replacement logic board. Logic boards come from factory without Serial Number. Below is the genesis of genuine Mac comp ID's.

Before you read forward, keep in mind, I'm not a hardware engineer, so I'm not familiar with all specifics related to computer hardware. Pay attention - 2 different patterns! General pattern for system serials (barcode) is the same:

Apple uses 2 different main patterns for serials (product serial, hardware part serial etc) now. Before Apple used 11 char serials for product and 13 char for MLB. Later Apple started to use a new standard to fit needs of increased production. Product serial length is 12 chars (Barcode Code 128) and MLB 17chars. Old serials have a bit common pattern for both, products and hardware parts and new ones have also a common pattern. Below is the difference of 11 and 12 char system serials:

MLB's pattern/length was also upgraded when system serials become updated. Thats why there are 13 and 17 char MLB's available. For new pattern Apple has mod

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