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In the time frame of the second decade of life (10 to 19 years of age), as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO)2, a concept also adopted by the Brazilian Ministry of Health, adolescents experience identity processes, changes and transitions in biopsychic issues and social relationships that mobilize understanding, feelings, and emotions3-4. The condition of being an adolescent and a gay may mean double vulnerability and has repercussions on increased chances of not accessing or not being accepted in the health system due to stigmas.

Primary Health Care (PHC) is described as obstructing the right to health, promoting discrimination, and producing embarrassment for gay adolescents3-4. Access to the health care system, the identification of needs, and care negligence are pointed out5 as barriers to openness and listening5) and cause adolescents and young people not to seek health services6. In this context, the fragility of the bond with health professionals/services is highlighted6.

Recent literature is scarce and lacking nursing research on gay adolescents. By surveying the main national and international databases, it is possible to observe research on this topic carried out in the United States in the last three years11-26, with the focus on the nursing care area12-31. Such pieces of research seek to understand the level of knowledge that nurses/health professionals have of LGBTQIA+ issues11-12,14,22-23, and adolescents in this group are their main target population11,13,15,17,20-26,28,30-31. These studies are conducted mainly in the school context16,20-21,25-26,29-31 and PHC17-19,28, and most of them have been quantitative11-12,15-16,19,24-25,27,29-30, when compared to qualitative ones13-14,22-23,31.

The data extracted from the interviews were transcribed and organized using Microsoft Office Word from detection and correction of linguistic errors, when vocabulary, grammar, and language vices were revised. Statement content analysis started during transcription, by writing descriptive memos that supported coding and establishment of the themes. Then, the interviews were analyzed systematically from the following steps: reiterative readings of the interview transcriptions for familiarization, highlighting excerpts that were later taken for coding; grouping of codes in order to generate initial themes from the central construct, and articulation of the elements that composed it32-33.

Stereotypes and stigmas crossed our results. This is visible when, for example, being gay is almost immediately associated with STIs, psychological distress, and family issues. These stereotypes go in the opposite direction of the openness to the other presupposed in the effectiveness of a care encounter.

STIs are on the agenda claimed for the health care for homosexuals; therefore, there is sense and meaning in considering them. One verified criticism of how this symbol directs the professional in care, with reduced opportunities to reveal needs and relational quality41. There is a danger of restricting the care service agenda to STIs, especially due to the tendency of stigma intersectionality when non-normative sexuality is present in the care scene42. It is urgent to break with the care protocol tendency and the valuation of social labels in its provision, in order for the particular to emerge in and from the relationship.

Another point highlighted was related to the adolescents seeking privacy in health appointments and confidentiality of the information provided there, elements reiterated in the literature, added to the relevance of listening and establishment of a reference professional43. In this context, being accompanied by family members is perceived as an obstacle because it generates discomfort and does not allow the adolescent to reveal himself44, perceptio

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