The First

The Best

& Low cost too !

Why – the First ?

Because Dr. Shrawan Kumar is the first to all established Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU ) in Bihar. 

Since inception in 1989, this Centre is the best in whole Bihar.

With continuous Upgradation like introduction of First Ventilator like SLE 5000 for Newborns 

For immediate ECHO & Scan of baby

The First in-house Ultrasound is with us. 

The First Smart NICU of Bihar with tele ICU facilities with MOTHERHOOD hospital Banglore

Why – the BEST ?

Because Dr. Shrawan Kumar is dedicated neonatologist who is interested in neonatology and available 24*7 for critical tiny baby.

Most advance ventilator SLE 5000 in available here .

In-House ULTRASOUND available here and facility is FREE.


The critical babies is monitored continuously by eminent neonatologists and trained nurses of Motherhood, Bangalore through high resolution camera installed in our NICU.

Why – Low cost ?

We are providing best possible care in affordable service charges because we are giving Kangaroo Mother Care even on respiratory supportive care like high flow oxygen  so that mother are getting training for the care of their baby that is why we are able to discharge the baby early.