Welcoming a newborn into the world is a joyous yet challenging experience, especially for first-time parents. The New Born Care Centre (NBCC) in Patna, led by the esteemed Dr. Shrawan Kumar, is dedicated to providing exceptional neonatal care, ensuring that every newborn receives the best possible start in life.

Dr. Shrawan Kumar, a distinguished pediatrician with years of experience, heads NBCC with a commitment to excellence in neonatal care. His expertise and compassionate approach have made NBCC a trusted haven for parents seeking the highest standard of care for their newborns.

At NBCC, the focus is on comprehensive, personalized care. Dr. Shrawan Kumar and his team understand that every newborn is unique, requiring individualized attention and treatment plans. From the moment a baby arrives, the team meticulously monitors vital signs, growth patterns, and developmental milestones. This close monitoring ensures early detection and intervention for any potential health issues.

Nutrition is a cornerstone of neonatal care at NBCC. Dr. Kumar provides tailored guidance on breastfeeding techniques and formula feeding, ensuring that each baby receives the necessary nutrients for healthy growth. His hands-on approach and clear communication help parents feel confident and supported in their feeding choices.

In addition to medical care, Dr. Shrawan Kumar places a strong emphasis on educating parents. He believes that informed parents are empowered to provide better care for their newborns. Regular consultations include practical advice on topics such as safe sleep practices, hygiene, and handling common newborn challenges like colic and reflux. Dr Shrawan kumar uploaded more than 500 video on YouTube for better rearing their baby.

Dr. Kumar’s dedication extends beyond the clinical setting. He is a vocal advocate for neonatal health, promoting policies and programs that support early childhood development and family well-being.

Choosing NBCC and Dr. Shrawan Kumar for your newborn’s care means entrusting your baby to a team that combines medical expertise with heartfelt compassion. At NBCC, every newborn is treated with the utmost care, ensuring a healthy and happy start in life.