Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) is a method of caring for preterm and low birth weight infants through skin-to-skin contact with the mother. This approach, endorsed globally, has proven benefits, including improved thermal regulation, breastfeeding rates, and maternal-infant bonding. At the Newborn Care Center (NBCC), Dr. Shrawan Kumar is a fervent advocate for KMC, guiding parents through its implementation with expertise and compassion.

Dr. Kumar’s approach to KMC at NBCC is comprehensive and patient-centered. He begins by educating parents on the importance and benefits of KMC. During these sessions, he explains how the practice not only fosters physical health by regulating the baby’s body temperature and improving sleep patterns but also strengthens the emotional bond between the mother and the infant. This bond is crucial for the child’s psychological development and the mother’s mental well-being.

To ensure successful implementation, Dr. Kumar provides hands-on training for parents. He demonstrates the correct way to hold the baby, ensuring the infant’s safety and comfort. This involves placing the baby in an upright position against the mother’s chest, allowing for maximum skin-to-skin contact. Dr. Kumar emphasizes the need for gentle and continuous contact, which can be carried out for several hours each day.

Moreover, Dr. Kumar addresses common concerns and challenges that parents may face while practicing KMC. He offers practical solutions and reassurances, making parents feel confident and supported. His guidance extends beyond the hospital, encouraging parents to continue KMC at home, integrating it into their daily routines.

Dr. Kumar’s dedication to KMC at NBCC highlights his commitment to improving neonatal care. By empowering parents with the knowledge and skills to practice KMC, he ensures that even the most vulnerable infants have the best possible start in life. Under his guidance, KMC has become a cornerstone of neonatal care at NBCC, contributing to healthier outcomes for both babies and mothers.